Welcome to the Temple Blog

At our very best we are all on a path of discovery. Why? Because life is always in flux and we resonate more deeply with existence when we are able to move and flow with the constant stream of change we call life.

This blog contains reflections of life as experienced through movement meditation both on and off the dance floor. I teach and love the 5Rhythms practice for many reasons but mostly for how it reminds me how to move more fluidly from one state of being to another. It shows me how to free myself, how to get unstuck. And it doesn’t do this with dogma, with words, with beliefs or theories. It simply offers a few simple yet profound tools then respectfully leaves us to our own learning, our own experience. Finding our own true flow is the most direct path to immersion in the great and infinite universal flow.

I trust that you find these blogs, which will sometimes include expanded versions of a theme I’ve touched on in my OlyWaves e-newsletters, as inspirations and reminders, as lanterns and catalysts for your own journey. I don’t claim anything I write here is true, but it is true for me.  I invite you to receive anything you read in these blogs as a potentiality. Take it in, try it on, then move with it, to find whatever truth is alive for you.

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