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Welcome to the Temple Blog

At our very best we are all on a path of discovery. Why? Because life is always in flux and we resonate more deeply with existence when we are able to move and flow with the constant stream of change we call life. This blog contains reflections of life as experienced through movement meditation both on […]

Black Dots

A Zen master had to choose his successor. He drew a small black dot on a white board, called all his disciples together, and asked them to tell him what they saw.  All but one of them said that they saw the black dot. One disciple alone told him “I see a huge expanse of […]

Extra Ordinary Moments

I would like to expand a little on the following quote from Osho that I put in our Oct 24 Newsletter. If you have already read the quote, you are welcome to skip to the second paragraph. “Sometimes it happens that you become one, in some rare moment. Watch the ocean, the tremendous wildness of […]


Sorry ya’ll. I’ve been posting my playlists for the past couple of years so that if/when dancers hear a piece of music they love, they can go out and purchase it. In this way the artists are supported because more people buy their music, and dancers have a way to identify and buy tunes they […]